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Helkum Provides Safe Accommodation,
Care, Support and Supervision to Vulnerable Adults

Safe housing for vulnerable adults

The company’s activities provide benefit to people in Berkshire and surrounding areas.

We support adults up to the age of 65 years, with direct experiences of varied health issues, and people that are being discharged from health care and local authority services. We also cater for private clients too.
Safe housing for vulnerable adults

All these people benefit by:

Promotion of more equal, respectful relationships between people who experience physical, mental health issues; their families, friends and supporters; and practitioners in health, social care and community organisations, recognising that recovery is an ongoing healing journey of discovery for all involved whilst living a normal and fulfilling live in the community.

Provision of housing amenities that is therapeutic and will aim towards the recovery and stability of their mental health.

Promotion of recovery and wellbeing oriented housing that will aim towards opposition of stigma and discrimination around mental health issues and learning disabilities in the community.

Helkum promotes the independence and good health of their tenants at all times.

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Safe housing for vulnerable adults


Safe housing for vulnerable adults
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Helkum Community Interest Statement

Activities & Related Benefit:

Helkum Safe Housing CIC provides housing to young adults up to the age of 65 and adults at risk and those suffering from enduring physical, mental health needs and learning disabilities.

Helkum Safe Housing CIC provides safe quality accommodation, social housing, care, support and supervision for those vulnerable adults who are normally unable to access other sources of accommodation, or would otherwise be vulnerable.

Helkum Safe Housing CIC works in partnership with all members of the community, care or health providers and local authorities in relation to the needs for Social Housing and the needs of vulnerable adults.

How our activities benefit the community?

We provide an opportunity for those affected to integrate and to be involved in the community whilst benefiting from the quality housing and support offered by Helkum Safe Housing CIC.

If the company makes any surplus, surplus will be regenerated into the development of properties for the same cause and in some cases the maintenance of existing properties.

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